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Notification events

An event is any type of update on the notified object, including changes of status or attributes.

We notify events related to your orders (merchant_order) or payments received (payment).

The merchant_order is an entity that groups both payments and withdrawals. You will have to consult the data of the orders that are notified to you.

Whenever an event occurs related to any of the mentioned resources, we will send you a notification using HTTP POST to the notification_url you specified.

The following events are notified:

  1. Register the Merchant Order (MO). When scanning a QR that contains an amount, it will automatically create a merchant order, sending a notification (if the same QR is scanned several times, each one will create a different merchant order and therefore a new notification, the integration must take into account this scenario).
  2. Payments Update. Each payment attempt by the client will update the information of the merchant order and send a notification
  3. Closure of the MO. Once an approved payment is made, the MO status will appear closed and a notification will be sent

If the server is not available or delays in responding more than 22 seconds, Mercado Pago will retry to notify periodically following the following scheme:

EventTerm after the first shipmentConfirmation timeout
Shipment-22 seconds
First attempt30 seconds5 seconds
Second attempt5 minutes5 seconds
Third attempt30 minutes5 seconds

Mercado Pago will inform this notification_url both when creating and updating payment or order statuses with two parameters:

topicIdentifies what it is about. It can be payment or merchant_order.
idIt is a unique identifier of the reported resource.
Example: If you set the notification_url:, you will receive payment notifications like this:

When receiving a notification

When you receive a notification at your POS, Mercado Pago waits for a response to validate that you received it correctly. For this, you must return an HTTP STATUS 200 (OK) or 201 (CREATED).

Remember that this communication is exclusively between Mercado Pago servers and your server, so there will not be a physical user seeing any type of result.

For in person payments, we recommend using IPN notifications from topic merchant_order since they are optimized for this type of product. To do this, keep in mind the following rules:

  1. The status field of the merchant_order will remain as opened when it does not yet have associated payments, or if it has them and they are rejected or approved for an amount that is less than the total of the order.
  2. The status field of the merchant_order will be closed when the sum of the approved payments equals the total of the order.

Inside the order, in the payments object, you will find all the payments for it. It is important to obtain the id of the payments with status = approved in order to make refunds.

Mercado Pago requests for integrations to use this IPN notification method as the main method to receive payment notifications.