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Once your application is ready and running in test mode, you can start processing payments by activating your credentials and requesting the homologation process to the integrations team.


At this stage, the technical team, partners and software house will test your environment, requesting you to use Sponsor ID and OAuth(authentication between Mercado Pago accounts).

Mercado Pago may audit your site, app, or POS Software, verifying if all rules are being followed. If necessary, an advisor will contact you to discuss how to fix your integration.

If you do not activate your credentials, you won’t be able to perform any type of refund.

Why is this a necessary process?

By following these steps, we can guarantee the security of your client's data and deliver the smoothest shopping experience, maximizing your payment conversion.

The non-compliance with these standards may imply anything from the non-processing of payments to legal actions according to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions.

Additional considerations

Consider the following points to improve the quality of your integration: