Header - Dashboard - Mercado Pago Developers


The header contains your identification as an member user of Mercado Pago. Your ID is made up of two IDs.

User ID

Identification number (Mercado Pago ID) generated automatically when creating the Mercado Pago account. The ID that identifies the Mercado Pago user is a unique number.

Integrator ID

Unique number that identifies you as a member of the <dev>program automatically generated after your first successful certification. It is located next to your Mercado Pago ID (user ID) and only appears after it has been generated.

The <dev>program is a free and exclusive developer program designed for you to join our community and receive extra benefits. To be a part of it, you must have some of the official Mercado Pago certifications.

Check out the <dev>program page and choose which product you want to earn your certification for. Then, use your integrator ID and enter it into your integrations to receive extra benefits.