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The Mercado Pago has two types of credential pairs, CLIENT_ID | CLIENT_SECRET and PUBLIC_KEY | ACCESS_TOKEN. These credentials serve as a kind of personal key to create your payment method and integrate the Mercado Pago with your online store.

Getting your Credentials

Access Mercado Pago account

To obtain your credentials, first access your Mercado Pago account at the link If you do not have an account, create one by clicking Register. Fill out the form according to the type of account you want. Remember that this account will be linked to your virtual store.


Access Credentials

Once Authenticated in your Mercado Pago account, access the following link You'll be taken to the credentials page of your account.


On this page you will have access to the configuration keys of your Mercado Pago account to install the API integration or Mercado Pago Checkout (Redirect, LightBox or Iframe) in your Virtual Store.


To set up API integration you will need to enter the credentials PUBLIC_KEY and ACCESS_TOKEN. To configure the Mercado Pago Checkout (Redirect, LightBox or Iframe) you will need to enter the credentials CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET.

Form I want to go to Production

By choosing the API integration option, you will need to fill out the I want to go to production form, otherwise your integration will be disabled to receive payments. Click I want to go to production to access the form.


  • In Website or App write site URL;
  • In Name write your name;
  • In Document write CPF and enter only the digits (eg CPF19119119100);
  • In Date of birth insert the date of the owner of the document;
  • In Postal address fill in the complete address with street, number, complement, neighborhood, city, state and zip code;
  • In Comments describe the segment that will work and products that will sell in your store;
  • Check the checks of the 3 statements;
  • Click Submit.

Ready! You will be redirected to the credentials home page, and your API integration set up in your online store will be able to transact.

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