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How to generate your Account Money report?

Generation channels

There are two ways to generate an Available Balance report:

Channels Description
Mercado Pago panel
It's very simple and fast. To generate it from your Mercado Pago account, go to your reports and choose the Reports option.

Follow the step by step to generate reports from this panel.

API integration
Schedule the frequency of your report according to your needs. It can be both manually and on a scheduled basis.

Read the documentation to generate reports through API.

Technical characteristics of the report

Consider the following technical information when you want to generate, schedule and set up your reports.

Report Schedule

Set up how and how often you want to generate your reports.

Element Characteristics
- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly

- Manual

Report Structure

Know the characteristics of the elements that make up your report.

Element or Action Characteristics
Tables Detail
The detail of the tables includes information generated in at least 1 day.

Column Order

Maximum Period
Reports with data of up to 60 days.

Local (based on the country where the Mercado Pago account is registered).

Time zone of the columns

Take as reference the place where you download the report from.

Date selection via API
Timezone format: UTC / GMT-0.

Date selection via web
It must be based on the timezone of the user's account.
For example, the timezone of São Paulo corresponds to the user account registered in Brazil.

Report Export

All the options you have available when downloading your report.

Element or Action Characteristics
Filename format
When the report is scheduled or manual:
Example: mystore-2019-05-28-104010.csv

Download formats
.csv, .xlsx

Tip: Download the report in .csv to import the data and use it in other applications. Download it in .xlsx to read the information in the spreadsheet tables.

The generated reports are saved in your Mercado Pago account.

Set up available via API
- Columns to generate per report.
- File prefix for easy identification.
- SFTP upload.
- Column separator (period or semicolon).
- Email notification.


Have the Glossary of the Account Money report on hand to review it when needed or want to review a technical term.

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