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How to create a payment link?

Receiving payments through social networks, email or website is very easy.

Basic settings

When creating a new payment link from your Mercado Pago account, you must define:

  1. The title of your product or service: It will be the name that your buyer will see when making the payment. Remember that it should be as detailed as possible so that they can identify you better.
  2. Price: It is the final amount to be paid by your customers.


    Learn when creating your link or button what sale fee you will pay according to the price you set.

  3. Photo (optional): You can add a photo that represents the product or service you are selling. Remember that it is important to give security to your buyers.

Advanced Settings

Before creating your new payment solution, you can define other features using the “More options” button.

Characteristic Description
Payment methods to be offered Here, you can enable the payment methods your customers can pay with.
Reference code It is a unique identification to recognize your product or service. It will be useful when looking for it in the list.
Duration Configure for how long you want your link or button to work. Set a start date and an end date.
Redirection If needed, you can send your buyers to the website you want after payment.

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