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Stores and POS

The Stores and POS are critical for receiving in-store payments with QR. They allow creating your store and assign its points of sale.

POS and Stores


Physical store* where your customers can acquire products and services. You can have multiple stores in the same account.


The benefits of creating stores are:

  • Ensure traceability. Each payment shall be associated with a specific store, and when obtaining your reconciliation reports, it will be valuable to identify transactions by store.
  • Map Visibility. The created stores appear on the Mercado Pago or Mercado Libre App's map as they receive payments. Thus, customers can easily find them.
  • Improve Stores and POS organization.

Create a store

It is relevant to declare the store name, working hours, location, and an identification reference to create a new store.

Go to Create store in our API Reference to create a new store. There you will find all the necessary information.

  • You should know the country_id of your current location at our countries API .
  • The state_name has to match the states of the specific country .
  • The city_name must match the cities of the states .
  • Point of Sale (POS)

    It is a point of sale that exists in a branch or physical store. Each POS will be linked to a unique QR code.

    Create POS

    Having your stores set, you can create your POS. Consider the following:

    EXTERNAL_STORE_IDLinks the POS to the store. It is a mandatory field and matches the external_id of the previously created store.
    EXTERNAL_IDIdentifies each Point of Sale (POS). It is required and can not be modified nor repeated on the same Mercado Pago account. You may also find it as EXTERNAL_POS_ID.

    Go to Create POS in our API Reference to create a POS. There you will find all the necessary information.

    After the Point of Sale creation, you will see the QR files in the Response section, with other relevant data.