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Upload the store

To activate Mercado Pago in the store, follow the steps below.

To upload and deploy the site, you can use a WebDAV compatible tool.

Cartridge configuration

To activate the “int_mercadopago” cartridge and use it as a payment processor, it is necessary to configure it as indicated in the following steps.

  1. Go to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud settings panel, at Admin > Sites > Manage Sites > your site > Settings.
  2. Add "int_mercadopago" to the list of cartridges as the first element (or, at least, before "app_storefront_base").
  3. Compress the "int_mercadopago/metadata" folder in a .zip file.
  4. In Administration > Site Development > Site Import and Export, upload this .zip file using the Upload option.
  5. Select the uploaded .zip and import it using the Import option.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of this page and check the results in the Status section.

Mercado Pago credentials configuration

To use Mercado Pago with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you must have a Mercado Pago account. Follow this documentation to generate your credentials. After that, go to Merchant Tools > Custom Preferences > MercadopagoCredentials and fill in the Public Key and Access Token fields.

Done! You can now use the Mercado Pago cartridges on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud store site.