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How to change the display order of payment providers

Learn how to use the Mercado Pago Ordena Checkouts app to change the display order of integrated payment providers in your Shopify store.

For the proper functioning of Mercado Pago Ordena Checkouts, it is necessary to deactivate other installed checkout apps.

Install the app

  1. Click here to access the Shopify app store and install the Mercado Pago Ordena Checkouts app.
  2. On the respective screen, click on Add app, and when necessary, select the account associated with the store where you want to install the app.
  3. Click on Install app, and finally, click on Activate.

Change the position of the providers

  1. With the Mercado Pago Ordena Checkouts app open, use the search bar to locate and add the payment providers, making sure that the search terms used should be identical to the names of the provider's app installed in your store. The most commonly used providers in the country will be suggested, and you can also check them by clicking on Check my selected provider.

  2. The selected providers will be listed according to your choices, and if necessary, they can be deleted.

  3. To reorder the position of the providers, click and hold the provider's card and drag it (drag n drop) to the desired position. The position of Mercado Pago among the providers cannot be changed.

  4. To confirm the changes, click on Save display order.

Done! The new display order for the payment providers is configured.