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Exclude payment types and methods

When you create your MercadoPagoV2 Gateway affiliation, you can indicate payment methods and types that you want to exclude. Just enter them one by one in the corresponding field, separating them with a comma (,).

With Excluded payment methods, we refer to the individual means or card brands through which you do not want to receive payments. In the case of cards, it specifically refers to the brands (Visa, Amex, MasterCard) and not the issuing institutions of these cards.

Excluded payment types, on the other hand, refer to whether you prefer to exclude tickets, credit cards, or debit cards as a whole.

This exclusion of payment types and methods configured in VTEX will only work for payments offered with Checkout Pro, and you can modify it as many times as necessary.

In the table below, you will find the nomenclature that each payment type and method receives in VTEX, so you can use it if you want to exclude any in your integration with Checkout Pro.

NamePayment methodsPayment typesConditions in VTEX
VisaVisacredit_cardVisa, MercadoPagoPro and MercadoPagoWallet
Mastercardmastercredit_cardMastercard, MercadoPagoPro and MercadoPagoWallet
Dinersdinerscredit_carDiners, MercadoPagoPro and MercadoPagoWallet
Visa Debitdebvisadebit_cardVisa Electron, MercadoPagoPro and MercadoPagoWallet
AbitababitabticketMercadoPagoPro and MercadoPagoOff
RedpagosredpagosticketMercadoPagoPro and MercadoPagoOff