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Necessary Updates for VTEX Store Integrators

If you integrate our payment solutions in VTEX stores, you need to know that starting from 31/03/2024, the affiliation of the MercadoPagoV1 gateway will be discontinued. For this reason, new affiliations with the V1 connector can no longer be created, and those who already have previous affiliations will need to migrate to MercadoPagoV2.

It may seem like bad news, but you don't have to worry: the migration process is simple and you will only have to update the previous configurations you have made. In addition, migrating to MercadoPagoV2 will not only allow you to offer new payment methods by integrating our checkouts, but also add an extra layer of security to your transactions.

This is the new 3DS functionality, a protocol created to protect transactions in online stores by adding an additional layer of identity verification before the final authorization, making your transactions even more secure and increasing the approval rate of your payments.

If you already have a MercadoPagoV1 affiliation, please consult our updated documentation, which will guide you through a detailed step-by-step process to migrate to the new gateway version without any issues.

If you haven't integrated with VTEX stores yet, discover the benefits that the new MercadoPagoV2 connector offers and start your development with our updated guide.