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Integrate the Device ID into the payment capture flow in Wallet Connect

We have updated the Wallet Connect documentation, including a new section in Payment Flow > Capture Payment, with the steps to add the Device ID to integrations.

The Device ID is a unique identifier for each buyer's device at the time of purchase, that recognizes and avoids legitimate payment rejections when using a different device than usual. Not only it is a security measure, that refines the assessment of legitimate purchases, but it also is a beneficial tool, as this assessment helps to improve payment approval rates.

Although the use of the Device ID is mandatory for integrations of the Gambling industry, including it in other integrations is optional, and can be made by sending it in the requests for Creating a Payment through the new header X-Meli-Session-Id.

Learn how to update your integration, capturing and sending the Device ID, consulting our documentation.

If you have any doubts, contact your commercial representative.