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Consult payment methods

To get a detailed list of all payment methods available for integration, send a GET with your Access token to the endpoint /v1/payment_methods and run the request or, if you prefer, make the request using the SDKs below.

  $payment_methods = MercadoPago::get("/v1/payment_methods");

var mercadopago = require('mercadopago');
var response = await mercadopago.payment_methods.listAll();
var payment_methods = response.body;

PaymentMethodClient client = new PaymentMethodClient();

require 'mercadopago'
payment_methods_response = sdk.payment_methods.get()
payment_methods = payment_methods_response[:response]

using MercadoPago.Client.PaymentMethod;
using MercadoPago.Config;
using MercadoPago.Resource;
using MercadoPago.Resource.PaymentMethod;
MercadoPagoConfig.AccessToken = "ENV_ACCESS_TOKEN";
var client = new PaymentMethodClient();
ResourcesList<PaymentMethod> paymentMethods = await client.ListAsync();

import mercadopago
sdk = mercadopago.SDK("ACCESS_TOKEN")
payment_methods_response = sdk.payment_methods().list_all()
payment_methods = payment_methods_response["response"]

curl -X GET \
    -H 'accept: application/json' \
    -H 'content-type: application/json' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer ENV_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
    '' \

For details of accepted payment methods in each country, check the full list with payment methods availability.