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Change texts


Wallet Brick offers two reading levels: the call to action (button) and the value proposition (Value Prop). In both cases, the text can be customized according to the options provided by Mercado Pago.

The "call to action" is divided into two parts: the action, determined by the Action property, and the complement of the action, determined by the Action Complement property.

To provide a better experience aligned with our brand's proposition, we currently do not support full customization of the texts.
Customization momentWhen rendering the Brick
Propertycustomization.texts.{action, actionComplement, valueProp}
CommentsWhen sending an empty text, the screen will present the text defined by the default layout shown after the rendering of the Brick. On the other hand, when you submit a alternative text, it will replace the default text. To check what the default texts are, check out the table below.

Check below the available texts for modification, how they are organized in the display, and an example of code.


KeyAvailable optionsDefault
actionpay, buypay
actionComplementbrand, amountbrand
valueProppracticality, convenience_all, security_details, security_safety, smart_option, convenience_credits, payment_methods_logossecurity_safety

See the texts related to each option:

actionComplementbrandwith Mercado Pago
actionComplementamountPurchase amount obtained through preference, in the currency format of the payment.
valueProppracticalityUse saved cards or your account balance
valuePropconvenience_allInstallment with or without card
valuePropsecurity_detailsProtection for your data
valuePropsecurity_safetyPay securely
valuePropsmart_optionThe text will be chosen automatically by Wallet Brick to increase the chances of sale according to the characteristics of the purchase.
valueProppayment_methods_logos*The logos of the available payment methods will be displayed. To configure the payment methods, use the preference.

When testing your integration, make sure that the action, actionComplement, and valueProp make sense within their context.

*It is recommended to initialize with a preference using the Value Prop payment_methods_logos. If the preference has only one valid payment method, it will stop displaying images and will show the text: "With account money".
const settings = {
    customization: {
         texts: {
             action: 'pay',
             actionComplement: 'amount',
             valueProp: 'payment_methods_logos',

const customization = {
 visual: {
   texts: {
     action: 'pay',
     actionComplement: 'amount',
     valueProp: 'payment_methods_logos',