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Checkout Pro

With Checkout Pro, the buyer will be directed from the store to the Mercado Pago website where he must fill in the requested information and make the payment. This way, the transaction is processed and completed outside your store environment. It is not necessary for the buyer to have a Mercado Pago account and, at the end of the transaction, the buyer can be returned to your store.

To integrate Checkout Pro, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Yes to activate the Mercado Pago experience at your store checkout.
  2. Choose the payment methods you want to offer in the Mercado Pago payment environment, which can be:
  • Debit and credit cards;
  • Cash (Mercado Pago account or cash);
  • Bank transfer.
  1. Select the maximum installments you wish to offer in your store.
  2. Configure the tariff that will be paid on each purchase and also offer interest-free installments to your customers.
  3. Select whether or not you want the customer to automatically return to your store after completing payment.
  4. If desired, activate binary mode when you do not want to leave payments in a pending or review state. With binary mode, payments will be automatically accepted or declined.
  5. Indicate the period in which the customer's payment preferences will be saved without the customer having to re-enter them.

Ready! Mercado Pago Checkout Pro is ready to receive payments from your store.

If you want to use the Checkout API to receive payments in the store, see the section Configure payments with Checkout API