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December of 2023

  • Compatibility of Mercado Pago plugin with WooCommerce Blocks
  • After WooCommerce stores update, we are working to make Mercado Pago plugin compatible with the new Blocks feature. If you are having problems in your integration, check the official documentation and revert momentarily the update of your store.



  • Inclusion of Checkout Bricks in the product tags of the API Reference.
  • We have updated the API Reference section to reference the Checkout Bricks in the following endpoints: "Create test user", "Create payment", "Search payments", "Get preference", "Search preferences", "Update preference", "Save card", "Get customer card", "Get card", "Create customer" and "Get customer".


    Checkout Bricks

  • Improvements in the description of the "money_release_date" parameter in the Payments API.
  • We have updated the description of the response parameter money_release_date in the Get Payment and Update Payments APIs to inform that the field can take the values "pending" or "released", where the first indicates that the payment has not yet been released (money held for a period) and “released” means that the money has already been released to the user's available balance.


    API Reference

    November of 2023

  • New parameter added to the Payments API
  • We've added the x-idempotency-key parameter to the Payments POST. This function allows for safely repeating requests and ensures that the same action is not executed multiple times by mistake, preventing potential errors, such as creating two identical payments. See more details in our API Reference.


    API Reference