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November of 2023

  • New parameter added to the Payments API
  • We've added the x-idempotency-key parameter to the Payments POST. This function allows for safely repeating requests and ensures that the same action is not executed multiple times by mistake, preventing potential errors, such as creating two identical payments. See more details in our API Reference.


    API Reference

    October of 2023

  • New information about invalid values in the `back_urls` field
  • Information has been added about values that are not valid for the configuration of the back_urls value, such as 'localhost/' or '' with or without a specified port. We recommend using a server with a named domain (DNS) or development IPs to be able to return to the site after payment. Otherwise, the "Something went wrong" message will appear at the end of the checkout process.


    Checkout Pro

  • New version of the Mercado Pago app for Shopify
  • If you were using the old Mercado Pago app ("Mercado Pago") and stopped receiving payments in your store, don't worry.

    To start selling again, install our new app ("Checkout Mercado Pago") by following this documentation.



  • Discover version 3.0.0 of the PHP SDK
  • In addition to offering support for PHP v8.2 or higher and Mercado Pago's most used public APIs, the new version of the SDK also enables the implementation of customizable HTTPS clients.