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September of 2023

  • Manage transactions by linked sellers with our new Report
  • Our latest Mercado Pago’s split payment solution sales report provides details on all operations conducted within a specific timeframe, covering everything from transaction-related fees to settlement cases, financial holds, and releases.



  • Upgrade to the new Adobe Commerce plugin
  • We have created the new page How to upgrade to the new Adobe Commerce plugin? in the "How-to" category of the Adobe Commerce documentation, explaining how to upgrade to the new plugin and showcasing the new features.


    Adobe Commerce

    August of 2023

  • SDK Java - 2.1.14
  • SDK Java - 2.1.14. Validation for null response entity.



  • New update amount functionality in Checkout Bricks
  • The Checkout Bricks documentation has been updated to include the new Update Amount functionality, where it will be possible to update the payment amount within the Payment and the Card Payment Brick.


    Checkout Bricks