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Download the report

After manually creating the report, you can download it. Execute an API call using the code below, replacing statement_id with the value obtained in the response of report creation. Also, make sure to specify the desired download format as shown in the table below.

Report downloads are only available for statements, i.e., reports generated manually. Report downloads for automatically generated reports (events) are not available at this time.


curl --location --request GET '{{statement_id}}/download?format=csv' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer {{TOKEN}}'



{{report rows}}
statement_id (required)Identification of the report, obtained in the response of its creation.
format (optional)Format in which you want to download the report. It can be csv or json. Default is csv.
In case there is an error in report creation, the returned status will be 404, and the response body will be empty.