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How to integrate checkout in marketplace

Marketplace is an e-commerce site/platform that connects sellers and buyers in a single sales environment, allowing the sale of products and/or services online with greater scope and possibility of conversion.

In addition to the structure needed to make sales, some marketplaces take care of the arrangement of products, payment and shipping methods, optimizing the sales process and facilitating business management.

If you choose to sell through a marketplace, it is possible to integrate two types of Mercado Pago checkout to process payments.

  • Checkout Pro: In this checkout model, the buyer is directed to a Mercado Pago page to complete the payment.
  • Checkout API: This checkout model allows the buyer to make the payment within the marketplace environment.

Both checkouts automatically split the amounts between the seller and the marketplace through the split payment

The Mercado Pago commission is deducted from the amount received by the seller. In other words, the Mercado Pago commission is deducted first and the Marketplace commission is deducted from the remaining amount.

To perform the integration, you will need to follow the usual integration flow of the chosen checkout, necessarily using an access token for each seller, obtained through OAuth. Below we list the steps required to integrate a checkout with the marketplace.

  1. Follow the steps described in the OAuth documentation to get each access_token. This information will be needed during the checkout integration process into the marketplace.
  2. Choose the type of checkout you want (Checkout Pro or Checkout API) and follow the entire onboarding flow.
  3. In the checkout integration, use the public_key of your integrator account in the frontend and insert the seller's access_token (obtained in step 1) in the backend or in the request header.
  4. To determine the marketplace commission percentage:
  • If it's Checkout Pro, fill the marketplace_fee parameter with the amount to be charged for each payment preference created in the /checkout/preferences API.



    "items": [
            "id": "item-ID-1234",
            "title": "Meu produto",
            "currency_id": "BRL",
            "quantity": 1,
            "unit_price": 75.76
    "marketplace_fee": 10
  • If it's Checkout API , fill the application_fee parameter with the amount to be charged for each payment created in the /payments API.



    "installments": 1,
    "token": "{{card_token}}",
    "payer": {
        "id": "{{payer_id}}"
    "marketplace": "{{marketplace_id}}",
    "payment_method_id": "master",
    "application_fee": 2,
    "transaction_amount": 10

Upon completing these steps, the checkout will have been integrated into the marketplace and will be ready to process payments.