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How to enable IPN notifications in your integration

Notifications are messages sent by the Mercado Pago server from events that take place in your application. IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is a mechanism that allows your application to receive notifications from Mercado Pago, reporting the status of a certain payment, chargeback and merchant_order, through an HTTP POST call to report on their transactions.

If you want to know more about IPN notifications, go to this documentation.

To receive IPN notifications, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Your IPN notifications.
  2. Complete the requested fields:
    • URL of the website in production: put the URL of the store.
    • Events: select the events you want to receive notifications about.
  3. Go to your Wordpress account.
  4. Access your account Dashboard and click Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  5. Enter option 2. Customize your business > Advanced integration options (optional).
  6. Fill in the URL for IPN fields with the URL of the production website.
  7. Complete the integrator_id field with your Mercado Pago <dev>program member number. If you are not yet a member, click here for more information.
  8. Click Save and Continue.